Q: What is my session fee?

A: The session fee pays for Danielle's time, talent, post-production work & online web gallery - usually for every thirty minutes we are shooting another two or three hours goes into working with the photos after the shoot, I touch every photo I take during your shoot and really work to ensure the colors, enhancements, and exposure are perfect for that specific image.

Q: Are there additional charges?

A: Yes, if you choose to have your portraits printed, there is the cost of printing; or if you would like to own the rights to your photos you can buy those as well (if your package didn’t include the rights). You can order prints directly from your online gallery (highly recommended, the print quality will BLOW your mind!) using the "buy" button in your gallery.

Q: When will I view my portraits?

A: Your images will be posted to your password protected web gallery within 30 business days usually, for events it takes longer to open the gallery up to you because I am processing a LOT more images; but usually within four to six weeks. I will post teasers to Facebook! Go like our facebook page so we can tag you when they are posted! FB won’t let us tag you otherwise!

Q: Is there a deadline to order portraits from you?

A: No, there is no deadline. However, I will remove your images from the online gallery after six months if space is needed. If this is the case I can pull your images from the archive for a $50 fee.  

Q: When will my printed portraits be ready?

A: If you order directly from your online gallery, the company that I selected usually processes orders that same day in most cases. They also have expedited shipping if you are in a rush. You should also check out their Christmas cards!

Q: Do you have a recommendation about where to have my pictures printed?

A: Yes, I have a strong opinion about this, if you are going to take the time and money to have beautiful pictures taken of you and your family, I recommend having a professional printing studio develop them. You can order directly through me I use SmugMug professional printing services.  I have handpicked or you can purchase the rights to your photos and use a local studio like Fort Worth Camera. I recommend getting a Matte print not a gloss; as gloss has a  reflection when lights hit the paper. If you need more advice in this area please feel free to call me or message me, we can talk about your individual case, frames, and glass used in the frame.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Think of solid bold colors. Try and coordinate if taking a family or group picture, I do not recommend everyone wearing white unless the location you have in mind has strong background colors. Think about adding a little pop of color here and there to create some excitement in the wardrobe. Wear comfortable shoes, you can carry your cute shoes. I recommend long sleeve shirts. In the world of Google and Pinterest there are tons of examples on how to coordinate outfits these days!

Q: Do you allow pets?

A: Absolutely! but, please leash them. We don't want any accidents.